Offene Worte: Dominas

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Offene Worte: Dominas

99.00 kr

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An open and truthful view of a fascinating but very secret world!
In 15 interviews and one report, Arne Hoffmann and Rüdiger Happ dive deep into a secret world of Dominatrix studios – they search and explore them with their questions. It’s now easier for an ‘outsider’ to get an idea of this world, thanks to the numerous pictures that can also be found in this book.

“Offene Worte: Dominas” (Sincere Words: Dominatrixes) is the ultimate interview book for a colourful profession. Arne Hoffmann interviews 15 of Germany’s most distinguished mistresses and in doing so, he shows an impressive and realistic picture of this diverse job. His perception of the job had been clouded by lots of media coverage.

Non-fiction book. Paperback, 244 pages. In German.

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