Tenga Zero Gravity White

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Flip masturbatpr in a new dimension for the ultimate pleasure!
The masturbator Flip 0 (Zero) Gravity from Tenga now has a new exciting, thick and diverse texture inside which makes faster movements during use possible. The intense details and suction vacuum are perfect for the ultimate penis massage. The high-quality materials mean that this masturbator feels very smooth and realistic when it’s being used. The soft and smooth hole is the perfect seal and stops the lubricant from leaking. The one-way valve provides a strong (blow job) vacuum. The intensity can be adjusted by squeezing the sides of the masturbator.

The mastubator can be opened and this means that it can easily be filled with lubricant or be cleaned easily. It can also dry in a hygienic way thanks to the integrated drying stand.

The Flip 0 (Zero) Gravity from Tenga comes in 2 colours and the inner texture comes in various levels of hardness:
White = Soft (Gentle)
Black = Hard (Strong)

Includes a storage case and a lubricant sample.

8 cm x 7 cm x 18 cm.
Weight 485 g.
Elastomer, PC, GPPS, ABS, silicone.

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Elastomer, PC, GPPS, ABS, Silikon


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